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November 15 2019
Faranda Posts

Did you know that the department of Bolivar is the largest in northern Colombia?
This is a department where natural beauty stands out in each of its corners, a great historical and cultural variety. The city of Cartagena de Indias, considered a world heritage site, is the capital of the department and is divided into 46 municipalities. The name of the department was consolidated in honor of the Liberator Simón Bolivar.
The people from the department of Bolivar are called Bolivarenses. They have a great gastronomic variety that you cannot miss. A delicious coconut rice, bean fritter, fish sancocho, patacón, carimañolas, cheese nickel, egg arepa ... These are some of the delights that you will find in this region.
If you already visited Cartagena and are looking for some other places where you will have unforgettable memories here we recommend 3 places that you should not miss.

Municipalities of the department:
San Jacinto: Known as the paradise of handicrafts, it has become the most important craft center of the department. Their specialty is hammocks, they currently weave other types of products such as backpacks, cushions, rugs, centerpieces among others. These products have marked the economy of the department. So you can't leave San Jacinto without a beautiful craft souvenir.

Palenque: First black slave town in America that broke free of the Spanish crown. It is a place full of history and culture. It is considered by Unesco "Intangible Heritage of Humanity". From here come those beautiful women who dress in colorful skirts and sell fruits in the city of Cartagena. I invite you to learn more about this culture.

Monpox: This is one of the oldest places in Colombia. It is one of the villages that evoke more charm. Here you can discover the universe of Macondo and live the magical realism. I invite you to get lost in its cobbled streets and its colorful houses.

Discover the department of Bolivar and tell us your experience!