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January 15 2020
Faranda Posts

Just one hour from the City of Cartagena, you will find the first African people of America to
become free: San Basilio de Palenque. It is a town founded by escaped slaves in the
seventeenth century. It is a unique place in the world, where culture, language, gastronomy and
history are intertwined creating an authentic place. San Basilio de Palenque was declared
Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity; Many say that it is a piece of Africa in Colombia.
What does the word Palenque means?

Palenque: Fences built by slaves to hide from their persecutors. This isolation for many
decades favored the protection and conservation of culture, art, food and African folklore.

I can imagine that when you walk through the streets of Cartagena, you have stumbled upon
those beautiful sellers of fruits and typical sweets with recipes from more than 300 years ago.
These women called “palanqueras” dress in colors to sell and give smiles to everyone who
goes through their path. The Palenqueras represent the struggle of life and their survival story.
The palanqueras are not only in Cartagena, these women travel the region sharing their
recipes. In addition to the typical sweets, it is worthwhile to try any gastronomic preparation that
they offer you.
Palenqueras are also famous for their braids and exotic hairstyles. They say that in the years of
slavery, women drew escape routes with braids on their heads.

"Asina ria" means "good morning".
This is the story of the emergence of a language with an incalculable value for Colombian
culture. In European ships were captives from different regions and African cultures. A
strategy so that these prisoners could not communicate. However, these tribes managed to
create their own language by combining a little bit of Castilian, Portuguese, English, French and
African Bantú and Pingui languages. In this way, the Palenque language emerged.

When you arrive to Palenque you will be able to experience the flavor, the magic and the charm
of expressions like "Bullerengue ", "Son del Negro" and "Son palenquero de Sexteto". If you
want to learn more of their musical culture, attend the Festival of Drums and Cultural
Expressions of Palenque during the month of October, you will realize that in San Basilio de
Palenque joy is contagious.

I invite you to discover the magic of this unique place in Colombia and enjoy a trip to the past.
Africa is not as far as you thought.

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